History Junkers watches

Junkers watches are "Made in Germany", they are of a timeless design and commemorate the achievements of Hugo Junkers and his companies.

As one of the important visionaries and inventors of the emerging 20th century, Hugo Junkers was instrumental in the founding and expansion of civil aviation. Despite the great concerns of his peers, he proved that metal can be used for flying and thus made it possible to transport heavier loads or several passengers safely over long distances. He created the world's first civilian aircraft. The F13, the W33 and of course the JU52, the so-called "Tante JU", became particularly famous. His goal was understanding and connecting the peoples of the world. These liberal, libertarian principles led to his being expropriated and imprisoned by the National Socialists in 1933.

By promoting the Bauhaus and supporting the liberal ideas that sprouted in the 1920s, Junkers became part of a contemporary history that continues to shape mobility as well as the everyday things we use today. Junkers watches stand in this tradition: the embodiment of mobility, aesthetics and technology in a unique accessory of daily life.Junkers - Beauty of Engineering.

Die Junkers-Uhren wurden von 1997 bis 2017 von der Point TEC Products Electronic GmbH, Steinheilstr. 6, 84737 Ismaning, hergestellt. Die Modelle ab 2018 werden von der Junkers Uhren GmbH in München hergestellt.

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You can find out more about the history of Hugo Junkers at www.junkers.de