Please note: our free wristband selection service includes all wristbands < 100,- €. For wristbands > 100,- € please contact us for a specific offer.

You would like to buy the watch with an alternative wristband? - No Problem!

Choose any wristband that fits your watch and we will mount it instead of the original one at no extra cost.

How does it work?

Please leave a comment at checkout stating either the full name or the product code of the wristband of your choice.

Which wristband do I choose?

1. The wristband size should match your watch's lug size.

2. The wristband should be in stock.

How do I find the wristband that fits my watch?

Visit the product page of your watch. You can click on the picture or on the name in the cart or on any category or overview page. You can get to the cart by clicking the little cart icon on the upper right side.

You will find the attribute "Lug size:" on the product page.

Remember this value (18, 20, 22 oder 24mm) and go to the wristbands clicking WRISTBANDS in the menu bar.

Filter the results by your lug size.

Choose a wristband and go to the product page. Please make sure that the wristband is "In Stock". Copy the name or the product code (by marking and right click -> copy or ctrl-c).

Go to the cart and checkout. You can leave a comment in step 3. Please paste the name or product code of the wristband here (by marking and right click -> paste or ctrl-v) and click Continue.

What should I do if I can not find a matching wristband or if something goes wrong?

We are happy to assist you! Contact us: or +49.89.2155.4525.