Model Airplane Zeppelin NT 'Mainau' - Stefan Szcezesny 1/500

This aircraft model from Herpa enthusiastic collector. It is fully assembled and painted in the original colors with great attention to detail. In 2007, this Zeppelin flew displaying an over 1,000 square meter feminine image on its outer shell. The flying painting and biggest work of art was part of an art project of the internationally renowned painter and sculptor Stefan Szczesny on the Lake Constance island of Mainau. [More Details]
Model Airplane Zeppelin NT 'Mainau' - Stefan Szcezesny 1/500
  • Material: Metal
Model Airplanes
  • Model of Aircraft: Zeppelin NT
  • Scale: 1/500
  • Original Length (m): 75
  • Original Height (m): 17,4
  • Original Wingspan (m): 19,5
  • Pedestal: No
Size and Weight
  • Height: 3,48 cm
  • Length: 15 cm
  • Wingspan (cm): 3,9

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